G Health-Sys is an advanced healthcare management tool bundled with marketing benefits for your healthcare's administration and growth. Being a one of its kind solution to render smooth and non-tampering operations within a Hospital or Clinic, G Health-Sys has been able to grow along with any Healthcare Organization. Why?

Why G Health-Sys

Main Reasons to choose G Health-Sys

Preconfigured Insightful MIS Reports

G Health-Sys, with its advanced MIS reporting system provides insights on the revenue, cash, and credit related aspects to the senior management.

Privilege and family cards

Retention has always been a challenge for every healthcare organization. Offering family and privilege cards to patients has hiked patient inflow by 33% with respect to 2015 statistics. Hence, here G Health-Sys gives end users options to manage family and corporate plans with ease to keep patients more attached to them.

Marketing activities through G Health-Sys

G Health-Sys supports marketing initiatives of institutions via custom survey templates that provide valuable insights to the patient perception. Whether it is introduction of a new service category or a new offer/privilege, get your customer inputs much before you actually roll the campaign.

Mobile apps for convenience

G Health-Sys extends its mobility support through "Medihome", an android application which allows doctors to enter in their findings and prescriptions independent from G Health-Sys Server

Reduced Processing Time

During the healthcare operations, any delay in the billing counters will increase queues causing high possibility of the patient turn-over. The reduced processing time and user friendly screens enable the billing counters to manage the rush with ease and therefore the whole organization gets benefited.

An Efficient Hospital Management System

G Health-Sys Modules

Versions, modules and addons Medical Centers and Clinics Hospitals Multi Speciality hospitals
Core modules   30 - 250 beds 250 - 600 beds
Appointments »
Pharmacy »
Department billing »
Inventory Management »
Pre Registration / Booking »
Laboratory Management »
Insurance Processing »
Management Information System »
Out patient consulting »
Electronic medical records »
Patient discharge Summary »
Privilege Cards Management »
Family/Corporate Package Management »
Ambulance Management »
Ward Management »
Roster Management »


G Health-Sys

Hospital Information Management SystemG Health-Sys is a state-of-the-art software solution for Healthcares efficiently. As a fully integrated Hospital Management Software, G Health-Sys is capable of addressing every critical administrative issues faced by Healthcares across the globe. Hospital management is problematic and complex if you do not have a strong management system. Alas! G Health-Sys, a unique solution to all the challenges faced in the Healthcare Industry.

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DoctorMateDoctorMate, GSTi's doctor management tool is a one of its kind solution exclusively designed for individual doctors. With its anti-tampering nature every Medical professional can keep track of his/her consultations and also keep track on the revenue flow. DoctorMate owns an efficient appointments booking module giving rise to controlled queues during consultation hours.

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G Health-Sys Partner Program

Dear Partner.....

Are you keen to present a simple easy-to-use and feature rich solution to your clients that clearly shows them their cashflows with absolutely zero ambiguity?

Have you ever dreamt of getting trained on one but backed out due to the complexities?

Guess what? You are with the right team.

G Health-Sys solution is a one of its kind and second to none in ensuring that the clinics are best run and ensure a visible gain in terms of top and bottom line. The solution is simple to use and very easy to learn. This has made us the best sought after solution amongst our customers.

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